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Conor gives his beautiful mommy away to his dad Ruairi

Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
February 26, 2016 - Ballyroe Heights Hotel

Ruairi Foley did not have to travel far to find the woman of his dreams, in fact he found Elaine Flanagan, originally from Kanturk Co. Cork, behind the bar at his local pub. “I spent some time in Caherciveen working in my friend’s pub, and Ruairi used to come into the pub at weekends with his friends.  We were good friends for a long time before anything happened, I always really enjoyed his company and looked forward to seeing him more and more, then one thing led to another.”

A romantic proposal over dinner in Killarney surprised Elaine so much she was lost for words. A date was set for February 26, 2016 with the civil ceremony and reception at Ballyroe Heights Hotel. The couple shared their day with 75 guests.

The stunning Annette O’ Connor went down the aisle ahead of Elaine along with the charming best man, Kevin Kelliher. Elaine’s niece Katelyn O’ Connor was the gorgeous flowergirl and the couple’s two sons Conor and Darren were handsome as pageboys. Conor also walked Elaine up the aisle which was such a special moment between mother and son.

Christy’s Home Bakery in Tralee made the fabulous cake.  It was red velvet and chocolate biscuit, it went down a treat with everyone.  Every Occasion Florist provided the beautiful floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception. Custom Candle House supplied candles for the wedding, they also provided a lovely charm with a picture of the bride’s parents on it that she could tie to her bouquet.

Hilsers, Tralee supplied the gorgeous engagement ring and the bride had her own reasons for going after the perfect wedding band, “For my wedding ring, I really wanted to do something with my late mother’s wedding band but after going to a few jewelers I had to give up on the idea, however I ended up getting a beautiful wedding band in Ferini Jewelers in Caherciveen.”

Elaine was radiant on the big day with thanks to Endless Beauty, Firies for pre-wedding beauty preparations. Marie Heasman beautified the bride with her makeup talent and Expose Hair Studio, Tralee finished off her look with a gorgeous hair style.

Skyboyz Band played at the start of the night and had everybody in the mood for a great night. DJ Donal played for a bit before and then again for the night after the band, he was a real crowd-pleaser and they were all up dancing the night away.

Tara O’ Donoghue Photography captured the couple’s precious memories and created a gorgeous wedding album for them to cherish for years to come. JM Video Studio caught the day on film meaning the bride and groom missed absolutely nothing that happened.

The bride’s family provided the ceremony music, “I’m very lucky to have a very musical family, so my cousins were kind enough to do my music for my ceremony, the music was just lovely, it was great to pick whatever songs I wanted, and they learned whatever songs I asked.”

Suits Select, Tralee provided the suits for the groom and best man.

The newlyweds chose to keep the day after the wedding a quiet one, they had a family gathering the night before the wedding so by the time the following day came around everyone was tired. The pair met a few of their friends and family for dinner for a low key gathering.

Elaine’s favourite moment was having her son Conor walk her down the aisle and having her family around for the day, “Having my family around, especially my brother and his family coming over from Australia for the wedding, it made the build up so exciting for it.  It was so special for me to have my seven year old son, Conor walk me up the aisle, my father has Alzheimer’s so was too unwell to attend the wedding, so it was so special for me to have my right hand man with me to help me out.  My mother also passed away over four years ago so it was hard for me not having either of my parents there, but I was happy to have my boys and my siblings around to keep me occupied and to keep my mind off things.  There was just such an exciting, giddy feeling the day before and the morning of the wedding, and we just had so much fun on the day itself, there was no stress at all, we just laughed and danced the night away,” Elaine remembers.

To entertain the kids the bride and groom organised a DJ to do a little disco when they were finished their dinner and while the adults were finishing up theirs, they had an absolute ball and it allowed the adults to relax for a while and stopped the kids from getting bored. There were 15 children at the wedding, so they had to think of something that they would all have fun with.

Tell us about your experience with Ballyroe Heights Hotel?

“Because I work in the hotel industry, I know how important it is to have the right venue for your wedding, and we felt it especially important that the venue was right because of having the civil ceremony there also, where our guests would all be in the same place for the entire day. It was very important that we picked a hotel that were completely dedicated to doing weddings and had a relaxed atmosphere and Ballyroe Heights Hotel kept coming up from people’s recommendations.”

How was your experience working with Tara Donoghue Photography?

“Tara and Dave were fantastic, great fun to be with, Tara was amazing with me the morning of the wedding, she was like the un-official bridesmaid, she made sure that we were ready in time to have 10 minutes in the room before I had to leave for the ceremony, just to sit back, and basically take it all in, and in hindsight, that was really important. I couldn’t have been more grateful to her keeping the vibe in the room relaxed and just having a laugh all morning.  The pictures they took completely captured everything that we wanted for the day, just a relaxed, fun day out, we really couldn’t be happier with them, they were just great, I also think Dave was great to keep Ruairi calm while waiting for the whole thing to start, and just keeping him entertained basically.”

Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley
Elaine Flanagan & Ruairi Foley

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