By: Kelly Hynes   

Are you as cool as a cucumber or a complete bridezilla in the run up to your nuptials? Either way dont worry. Between decision making, figuring out who to include and finding the perfect dress, your wedding journey is bound to be an emotional rollercoaster! Unless you are an event planner, you have probably never planned a whole day for such a large group of people. So dont fret, we give you our most reassuring guide to keeping calm!   

Try keep a copy or note of everything you have booked or ordered for the big day. Get a folder and keep all your wedding receipts and documents in it. Your anxiety could be reduced in half from this simple step! With so much going on, it is so easy to lose track and before you know it you have no idea how much money you re spending and what you re spending it on! Try not to leave things to the last minute so that your wedding morning can be just about getting ready and enjoying yourself.
This should be the most positive and happiest time of your life, yet so many people get caught up in anxiety, fear and frustration. Try to spend your time with positive, enthusiastic people who will support you in the lead up to the special date. Ignore any judgement or criticisms that may be sent your way, your wedding day should reflect YOUR tastes and wishes. Your family or friends might mean well by voicing their concerns regarding your wedding, so hear them out. If you dont want to take their advice on board, dont feel obliged to.

Ban wedding talk 
Take a break from all things wedding related every once in a while. If you re binge watching Dont Tell the Bride and Say Yes to the Dress you are guaranteed to go insane, (or drive your fiance insane). If wedding excitement is turning into wedding dread, plan some quality time with your fiance and ban all wedding talk. Forgetting about your wedding for a while will help you re-charge and come back to planning feeling a lot more enthusiastic.  

Lose control 
There are some aspects to a wedding that nobody can control, such as the weather and how your guests behave. A shower of rain as you arrive at your reception is a discouraging thought, but you have to accept that it is a possibility and will not ruin your day. If you are a worrier, try to replace worries about what could go wrong with things you are looking forward to e.g. the honeymoon. Worrying amplifies anxiety, and does not prevent your fears from happening, so think less worry-happy bride. Finally, dont try to do everything yourself, delegate some jobs to friends and family if they have free time and proceed to enjoy every minute.  

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