Planning made easy

Planning made easy

Not all brides have the luxury of time on their hands. Some brides just dont like planning other brides want those special touches put into their big day and more often than not these brides hire a wedding planner. Brides of Limerick is pleased to outline the duties of a wedding planner and the various services planners provide.

What does a wedding planner do?
At first, the wedding planner meets with a couple or perhaps the bride and her parents to verify what type of budget the couple has and what type of wedding they would like. In view of the budget the wedding planner makes suggestions as to churches or other locations-possible clergy members or others lawfully commissioned to perform weddings, locations for receptions, types of wedding cakes, photography services, musicians or music services, and catering services.

How much is a Wedding Planner? 
It is standard for a wedding planner to charge 10 per cent-20 per cent of the wedding budget. However it can depend on the amount of planning the bride and groom wish for the planner to partake in. 

What constitutes a good Wedding Planner?
A good wedding planner is someone who will listen to your needs. Its also someone that won't talk over you.
A great planner will focus their complete attention on you and your big day regardless of what number of customers he/she might have, A good planner is one who will follow your budget and achieve all your desires. A good planner will make themselves accessible to you at any time of the day for any inquiry regardless of how minor. 

What are the steps to hiring a Planner?
When a decision is made to hire a planner, the planner will sit down and examine the couples budget, colour scheme, theme and ideas for the big day. 

A contract will then be signed and the couples wedding will be in good hands!

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