Stag party basics

Stag party basics

By Niamh Bartley

The stag party is an important milestone for the groom in the run up to his wedding so whoever’s organising it needs to get it right. Here are our top tips for groomsmen organising a stag party and making sure everything runs smoothly for the groom!

Groom rules
You’re throwing this party for your best friend as his ‘last night of freedom’ but he might not see it like that. If he gives you guidelines as to what he doesn’t want at the party respect him and don’t plan any lude ‘surprises’ as it could take the enjoyment out of an otherwise fun night. Also, he is there to have fun so if he asks someone to do something i.e. slow down the drinking then do as he wishes.

Steer clear of the wedding date
This might be an obvious one, but have the party well in advance of the wedding date or the poor bride could be frantic – not what you want. You also don’t want a recreation of ‘The Hangover’ without the appropriate time to recover for the big day. Give yourselves a good space of time between the party and the wedding itself for fear of injury or anything else that could possibly happen, especially if it’s a weekend long party.

Presumably none of your fellow comrades will want to forego their few beverages and offer themselves up as designated driver for the festivities, so hire a car or book a taxi so there’s no worrying on the night itself. Just think about all the moving around you’ll be doing from place to place and how many of you there will be, then organise the best transport you can.

Obviously, you are not expected to foot the entire bill for the whole party, but if you’re the organiser you should be in charge of collecting the money off of every guest in advance of the night or weekend itself. Do this in advance so you can book a venue or hotel rooms and then use whatever’s left as a drink and event budget, make sure to price everything before you set a budget though or you could run out or have cash left over which could lead to trouble down the line.  

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