Hen party basics

Hen party basics

by Niamh Bartley

The hen party is a huge deal in the run up to the wedding day, it’s a night or two away from planning and organising where the bride can let her hair down and have some fun with her besties. If it’s down to you to organise it we know it can be stressful so we have some great ideas on how to keep it running smoothly and make sure everything goes as planned.

If you’re dealing with a popular bride you’ll probably be bringing together a few different groups of her friends, one from work, school, college etc. It’s obviously important that she is not torn between groups the whole night so try to make an effort to mingle and mix up the groups a bit over the course of the party, you never know, you might make some friends too.

So, you haven’t seen all of your friends together in a couple of months, it’s easy for you to just pop over to them and natter for the whole evening, but what about the girl from the bride’s office who came to the party solo? Playing some fun ice-breaking games or even just sharing funny stories about the bride will bring you all closer and make everyone feel more welcome. This is also a good way of including older guests i.e. the future mother-in-law in the conversation.

Variety is key when it comes to planning a hen party, don’t overload everyone with a chock-full itinerary planned to the second, just have enough going on that people aren’t bored and there’s something to suit everyone. Try not to dwell on anything for too long, keep the party moving and the drinks flowing and you should be fine.

Plan ahead
The best way to avoid disaster is to plan in advance. If you’re renting a space or even just a table at a bar, make sure to have your booking in pronto. This will also help you in the long run as you won’t have as much to worry about when the party comes. Make sure everybody knows what’s happening throughout the day/night/weekend (except for the bride) and stick to the plan once it’s finalised.

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