Unexpected colour palettes for summer

Unexpected colour palettes for summer

by Niamh Bartley

There are so many different colour schemes you could go for in a summer wedding, but why not do something completely unexpected and change it up from the expected summer colours. There are some great options that will see you from an early June wedding to a late August one and we have put together a list of our favourites. 

Peach, light pink and light green 
This would be the perfect colour combo for those early summer weddings when we’re transitioning out of spring. This light colour combination would be perfect in a very open and bright venue dotted with greenery. If you choose this combo be careful when it comes to finding a venue, if it’s too dark you might spend more on décor than you plan to. You could dress your bridesmaids in peach gowns and let their outfits do the talking while incorporating light pink and peach coloured flowers as well as lots of greenery into your bouquet and floral arrangements. 

Gold, cream and Green 
This colour scheme would be gorgeous in a late July or early August wedding. It’s lovely, fresh and bright without a load of frills. You can let the venue space decide what way you’ll go with your décor, chic white tablecloths on square tables could be perfect for an industrial-type space while gold sequined tablecloths could be gorgeous in a ballroom. If you’re going for sequined table cloths a great thing to do would be every second table has a cream cloth instead. It won’t look as over the top in the end. Green centrepieces and floral arrangements would complete the look perfectly. 

Wine, peach and green 
A gorgeous mixed bouquet of peach tulips and deep red roses dotted with greenery sounds fab to me. This would be the perfect colour combo for a late summer wedding and it’s definitely a great one for you boho brides-to-be. Try to incorporate as much natural wood as possible into your décor and then juxtapose all of this against some sleek furnishings and big light fixtures. You could use this theme to turn your modern, stylish venue into a rustic beauty for your big day. 

Deep pink, yellow and orange 
This bold combination of colours would be perfect for any time of summer, it is sure to brighten up any venue. With such a vibrant colour scheme you should dress the rest of your venue in neutrals just so it’s not too over the top and each colour can shine through. Your flowers will do most of the work in this scheme, you could even use sunflowers for an amazing bridal bouquet. It’s definitely an unusual one but do consider it when planning your summer wedding.

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