Save up for your special day!

Save up for your special day!

By Niamh Bartley 

Weddings are always going to be expensive affairs, but there certainly are ways to cut down the cost. Pair that with some handy tips for saving up your money before the wedding and you should save yourself a lot of hassle and debt when all is said and done. 

Take your time 
Unless you’re desperate to be married to your fiancé before the year is out, take your engagement slow and you’ll have so much time to research vendors without compromising on quality by leaving it too late. You could also get early-bird deals on some of the more expensive parts of the wedding day, even the venue could provide you with a deal if you book far in advance and there’s also no chance of last minute booking fees being added on. 

Get married at a unique time of year and save yourselves a couple of grand. If you go right on either end of peak-season you’ll still benefit from the weather and the spring or autumnal vibes, but at a much lower price. You also won’t have to worry about the hotel being overbooked or lack of accommodation for out of town guests, as a lot of hotels won’t be at capacity in off-peak times. 

Pick and choose your vendors wisely 
Obviously, it’s great if your vendors recommend others they have worked with before to you, just make sure these other vendors are coming in under or at your budget. Don’t feel pressured into choosing a florist that comes in at a higher price than you had planned, just because your venue have recommended them. Another option would be to try and get a package deal, so if you choose the florist that was recommended you could get 10% off or something like that. Always chance a bargain. 

Fake the cake 
If you want an extravagant cake but you don’t like the price tag, use a dummy cake made from styrofoam and have it decorated for a fraction of the cost of a real cake. Display the dummy cake throughout the reception and have it brought away afterwards. You could then buy (or bake) some sheet cake for the guests to eat and everybody will be none the wiser. This will save you a couple of hundred euro and you won’t have to watch your guests eat the fabulous creation that was your wedding cake.

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