No bridesmaids? No problem!

No bridesmaids? No problem!

By Niamh Bartley

There are plenty of reasons to steer clear of a bridal party, whether you can’t choose between your besties or there’s no one you could imagine sharing top table with apart from your future husband. Regardless of why your bridesmaid-less, we have some great advice on how to pull it off with style. 

Ask for help 
Many of you considering having no bridal party are probably freaking out that you’ll have no help when it comes to planning your wedding. A simple solution to this is to ask for help, ask whoever you can to lend a hand here and there. Having bridesmaids doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll help you anyway, the people you choose could be busy or unwilling to help out so you’re better off having a girl’s night of invitation assembling with your besties than picking and choosing who you want there. 

Less drama 
Friendships can be complicated, especially female ones, so cut out the drama by skipping the bridal party. You’ll save so much time and your friendships will escape unscathed from the wedding planning process. Make sure you let your close friends know that you’re not having a bridal party or it might make them feel like you are but not including them, yikes. There could still be a few sour sisters sad that you’re not including them, but there are other ways to involve family than in the bridal party. 

Save some money 
In the long run, having a bridal party is going to cost a fair bit of money. It’s common courtesy to pay for their dresses, and for the sake of the pictures you’ll want them dressed well. On top of that you’ll have to pay for extra bouquets, jewellery, cars and so much more. Having no bridal party could relieve some financial pressure that can come with a wedding and you can relax on your big day that much more. 

No pressure 
This one comes from the potential bridesmaid’s perspective, being asked to be someone’s bridesmaid is a huge honour and one that a lot of people couldn’t say no to. This can cause a problem for someone who has a huge workload or a lot going on their own lives. They’ll have to dedicate some of their time to you and your wedding which could put some strain on them and you certainly don’t want someone involved in your wedding who can’t put their heart in it. 

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