Make your wedding a gamer's paradise

Make your wedding a gamer's paradise

By Niamh Bartley

This would be perfect for an outdoor drinks reception. You could set up a huge checkers board or Jenga and your guests will be acting like children before they know it. These are great for making your day a bit goofy and fun, as opposed to following a strict schedule. Plus, you’ll get some great snapshots of your guests and you guys having fun in the sun (cliché, but great craic). 

I’m not suggesting you play ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ with 200 guests, but think back to the fun games you played as a child and recreate them as adults. Think along the lines of ‘musical chairs’ or even ‘pass the parcel’. The latter would be great for your guests to get to know each other as you would do it table by table and at least one person on the table gets a gift. These types of games are great for breaking the ice before everyone hits the dancefloor. 

‘My name is ____, I’ve known the couple for ___ years …’ This is a great one for getting guests at the table to bond as they ask each other questions and get to know each other better. This is also fun for those tables of old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while to get a laugh and reminisce about those times in school/college/work they shared with you or your hubby.

Have guests come up and spin a large wheel covered in dares, then have them do what they land on. These should be very innocent, like dance with someone you don’t know or give your date a kiss, it’s a bit of fun and it will keep the atmosphere light-hearted. It’s also sure to stop people taking themselves too seriously on a day where fun is supposed to be paramount.

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