Types of guest to expect at your wedding

Types of guest to expect at your wedding

by Niamh Bartley

No matter what type of wedding you have, you’ll definitely encounter some of these on your wedding day. Don’t fret though, they can all be dealt with in their own way and (hopefully) not by you personally. 

The life and soul of the party, sure to be the first on the dancefloor and the last off it. They’ll be grabbing your guests left right and centre to have a dance so try to throw your bridesmaids in first before you go for a dance with your gals or else you’ll be grabbed more than once for a quick jig. This guest is great craic but a little bit overzealous so try to steer clear for a while and hope they calm down before the end of the night. 

You, your husband, your bridesmaids and most of your guests have no idea who this person is. They could be the other half of a work colleague, or a randomer in off the street. Either way, just give them a generic ‘thanks for coming’ if you are in an awkward situation and hope that they know somebody there. 

We all know this guest, the lady who’s boyfriend keeps buying her drinks or the gent who seems to have a bottomless wallet. They’ll be drunk by the time the main course arrives but hopefully they can sober up somewhere between then and the band coming on. If you think you know who this is likely to be, sit them near light drinkers and hope that they rub off on this guest. Nobody wants to be the only drunk one at a table.

Chances are, this guest will be in tears before the end of the night. They were planning on coming to your wedding with their boyfriend/girlfriend but their relationship came to an end shortly before the big day and so they had to go solo. Introduce them to the emotional one and they can comfort each other with no help from you or your husband. 

All of your junior guests will adore this person, be it your best man, bridesmaid, or best friend, they are amazing with kids and they love keeping them entertained. This guest will save you a lot of trouble trying to figure out what to do with the kids and they’ll be the life of the mini party. They’ll also allow the parents to relax and know there is someone keeping the kids happy throughout the evening. 

This guest will ball his/her eyes out at the ceremony and during the speeches and they’ll be heard saying things like ‘it’s just so beautiful’ and ‘good for them’, but throughout the day their emotions may get the better of them and they’ll be wondering why they’re not married or they’ll get jealous and sad that this isn’t their wedding day. Take no heed of their tears and assign a bridesmaid to find out why they are upset. It’s probably nothing to do with you or your husband, so don’t take it personally.

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