How to choose the colour scheme for you

How to choose the colour scheme for you

By Niamh Bartley

So much thought goes into your wedding day as a whole, but one of the first things you need to do is determine your colour scheme. There are so many out there, but what will suit your day and make it personal? Think about some of these questions and you should have a clearer idea of what theme is for you.

Where are you getting married?
This is obviously something to factor into your colour choice. Have a think about your venue, what colours will suit it best? Ask the wedding co-ordinator what they’ve seen in the past and what has worked well in the room and then go from there. If it’s a dark room, choose deep colours or else you could end up spending a lot more on décor than you think trying to brighten up the room to fit with a lighter scheme.

Your dress
What does your dress look like? What colour is it? – White, off white, does it have gold or pink undertones? You want your wedding to look photogenic and fabulous so if you coordinate your wedding colours with your dress it’s sure to be fabulous. The style of dress should also be a factor in your choice, an ethereal or princess-like dress would look fabulous in a sparkly fairytale wedding, and a tee length dress would be gorgeous for an outdoor light and bright wedding.

Seasonal trends
While picking your favourite colours is important, thinking seasonally can push your wedding over the edge and make it stunning. Try to incorporate nature and fit your season into your décor, think blue in winter, green in spring etc. You can use what grows naturally at the time of year of your wedding in your décor to make it even more seasonal and fab. 

What's your favourite colour?
Choosing colours you actually like and want to include in your wedding day is so important, people will know if you’re uncomfortable with the colour scheme and if the colours don’t suit you or what you normally like. Don’t choose your colours based on ‘normal’ wedding colours, you want your guests to see how your day reflects you and your fiancé and see that you had fun planning it.

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