8 tips for choosing a wedding cake

8 tips for choosing a wedding cake

By Gary from O’Carrolls Cakes 

1. Taste, taste, taste 
The cake has to both look great AND taste great so as you start setting up appointments to meet with suppliers, don’t forget to ask about flavours that are available and if samples are offered. Choose the flavours that you both like, and ask questions about current cake trends. 

2. It’s all about the style 

Think about choosing a cake that is compatible with the style of the venue, the theme of the wedding, the season, your dress / suit, the flowers or the menu. Wedding cake suppliers will have photos of cakes to inspire you, and you may be able to tweak or change the designs, or have a totally unique design. 

3. Size it up 
Generally a large three tier cake will serve between 150-180 guests. You can also consider using dummy tiers to add extra height or for smaller weddings to turn a one or two tier cake into a three tier to retain the effect you want without the extra cake that you might not need. 

4. The price is right 
Wedding cake prices can vary quite a lot between suppliers - however as a rule, fondant icing tends to be more expensive than buttercream or chocolate. So if you don’t like the taste of fondant then opting for a smooth buttercream finish can be a great alternative. 

5. Finding ways to save 
A dummy display cake and several dessert cakes for your venue to cut and serve should cost less and still give you the same amount or even more cake for your guests. Unless it is something you would like, avoid elements like complex sugar flowers or specially molded shapes, which can be quite expensive. Fresh seasonal flowers always give a stunning and less costly effect. You could even ask your wedding cake supplier for ideas that fit your budget. 

6. Encourage cake collaboration 
If you want to use fresh flowers then find out who will be responsible for supplying the flowers and fixing them to the cake on the day - ask your florist and cake maker if they have worked together beforehand and ensure they are talking to one another about the arrangements for the day. 

7. Mini my cake 
The idea of mini cakes, cupcake towers and bitesize treats can look amazing but it pays to compare prices. Talk to your cake decorator to get several different options to choose from that will work for you and your guests on the day. 

8. To top or not to top 
There are lots of cake topper options including the option of no cake topper at all - check out etsy, amazon and eBay for so many different examples starting from €10 - if you are thinking of a novelty cake topper then make sure you check the width of the base against the diameter of the top tier of the cake to ensure it fits.

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