Spring wedding favours

Spring wedding favours

by Niamh Bartley

Spring is a time for creativity and new ideas, there are so many options when it comes to favours and it’s definitely a time for unleashing your creative and inventive side. Here are some of our top picks for your spring wedding favours.  

This would be perfect for a rustic or outdoor type celebration. It’s an adorable way for your guests to remember your day with a plant growing in their garden and it’s symbolic of your growing love so it’s nice to share that symbol with the people you love. It’s also a great way to share a hobby of yours with your guests if you’re particularly into gardening.  

Jam or preserve
This can be super cute and more importantly super cheap if you don’t want to spend a fortune on favours. You could whip up a few batches of your granny’s famous jam or even come up with flavours of your own using in season berries and fruit if you want to go down the homemade route. Alternatively, there are loads of artisan food companies who would be willing to make delicious jam for you and your guests. You can have your printers make labels for little pots or jars and you’ll have an adorable favour at little expense.  

Some lovely fruity tea would be a gorgeous gift to give your guests to mark the beginning of the brighter months. You could get some lovely fragrant flavours for your guests and you could even put out a selection of different types so that your guests can swap if they so wish.  

A donation to charity
This will definitely make your guests feel better about being a part of your big day and they will be very impressed with your charitable side. This is a huge trend and with great reason, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on some small bits and pieces that won’t mean much in the future you can make a generous donation to any charity of your choice and make a big difference to the lives of others. The charity might provide you with cards to display on tables or you can have some printed yourself to show your guests that you proudly donated some of your budget to a charity.

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