Why have a spring wedding?

Why have a spring wedding?

by Niamh Bartley

Spring is probably the most versatile time of year to get married, you have the pick of the crop when it comes to flowers and you can utilise your surroundings when it comes to almost every aspect of your wedding.  

It’s symbolic
Spring symbolises brightness and rebirth, which makes it a lovely time to begin a new chapter in your life. It’s when the flowers are blooming and everything is new and fresh that you will be united with your love.   New year, new you You have the perfect opportunity to go on a health-kick before your wedding and you have the ideal excuse to stick to it. You’ll be looking and feeling fit as a fiddle which is definitely a great start to married life. It also means you can over-indulge a bit on your day without feeling too bad after.  

The weather
Ireland may not be the best place for a scorcher outdoor wedding, but Spring is probably your best bet for having an outdoor or semi-outdoor celebration simply due to the fact that you won’t be expecting major heat. If you had an outdoor wedding in July you and your guests would be sickened if the day ended up being overcast, but in April or May you almost anticipate that to be the case and you’re able to prepare for other eventualities.  

Everything is fresh
Most crops are harvested in mid or late spring which means that you can make use of the freshest ingredients at this time of year for your wedding menu. You could speak to the chef at your venue or your caterers and see if they can come up with an excellent menu utilising fresh and local food which will in turn support your local produce supplier. The food will taste exquisite and your guests will definitely appreciate this. This also applies to flowers, you can work with your florist to use the freshest and most vibrant flowers possible for your big day.  

Colour schemes
Fresh, bright colours are always in style in spring. Step away from your cold, light winter colours and warm up your wedding with a pop of colour (or two). Your bridesmaids can wear some gorgeous bright colours or even some pastels would look fab if you want a toned down colour. Pastel mint, yellow or a dusty pink would be definite winners for your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Save some money
Most venues continue their winter off-peak discounts into March or even early April so you can use this to your advantage and get great deals for a great price. The cheaper dates will probably be booked early so if you have your heart set in a venue, lock it down as soon as you can. You won’t regret getting married a couple of weeks early in the long run, you can always put the money you save aside for a rainy day.  

Something to look forward to  
This goes for both you and your guests, although it’s a given that you’ll look forward to it anyway. Everyone will have gotten over ‘dry January’ and they’ll be warming up for summer in a celebratory mood. People won’t be as cash-strapped as they would be in summer or winter so they can let loose a bit and it will give them something to get excited about after a couple of months of staying in and saving money.

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