How to Add Pumpkins to Your Autumn Wedding

How to Add Pumpkins to Your Autumn Wedding

When someone hears the word autumn usually the first things that come to mind are fallen leaves, woolly scarves, hot drinks and pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins, the season is not complete without them. If your big day is close to or on Halloween pumpkins are expected to make an appearance. If you are looking to include this seasonal vegetable in your wedding but are not sure how to or even how much or how little to add, we can help. Below is a list of ways to bring them into the event.  

Wedding stationery

If you do not actually want to include a real pumpkin you can always have them in your stationary like the wedding invitations, seating cards or the menus. Or all of them as it is quite a subtle way of incorporating them so you can have it as a running theme for all of your wedding stationery.  


Hollowed out pumpkins will also make wonderful centrepieces painted or unpainted. As the evening draws in light them up with scented candles and this will cast a lovely warm glow. They can have some designs carved into them such as Mr. & Mrs. Or have mini pumpkins among your chosen centrepiece.  

Aisle decoration

If you are looking to include actual physical pumpkins in the decor you can line small ones all along the aisle either hallowed out and lit with candles or decorated with a light material and flowers or grapevines. It adds a certain rustic elegance which is perfect for an autumnal wedding.  

Pumpkin Vases
This might sound a bit odd but it is a very innovative way to include them. It is also very straightforward, simply hollow out the pumpkin and place a bouquet of flowers inside. To make the pumpkin compliment the flowers paint them in different colours like white or gold and if you want something really eye-catching cover them in glitter!

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