Autumn Wedding Colour Pallettes

Autumn Wedding Colour Pallettes

This time of year is rich with colour. For an autumnal wedding there are endless pretty colour combinations; some are bright and colourful, some are dark and dramatic. Choosing the right one can be frustrating and if you want to change one or two colours in a particular palette what colour do you replace it with? What if your favourite colour doesn’t work? What if you choose a palette but feel it’s too dark? To help you avoid the stress here are a list of amazing colour combinations perfect any autumn wedding.  

Light blue, white, grey and maroon
  You may think that light blue is more of a summer shade but that’s the beauty of it; when combined with the right colours it can be suitable all year round. Grey and maroon are great contrasting colours and white works well with anything. Perhaps grey place settings on a maroon table cloth with light blue and white centrepieces. Or grey bridesmaid dresses with white or maroon accessories will look stunning.    

Teal, maroon, lavender and amber
  If you think that these colours aren’t suitable to go together then you can separate them out. For example the bridesmaids could wear teal dresses and carry maroon bouquets or wear maroon accessories. Amber also compliments teal beautifully. For the centerpieces lavender and amber will work well as amber is a typical autumn colour and is brightened up by the soft lavender.    

Black, orange, purple and emerald green
  If you’re considering going for a really dramatic almost gothic vibe then this colour palette is the best choice. Black goes with pretty much any shade and orange and emerald green are gorgeous traditional autumn colours. For the pageboy and the groomsmen black suits with purple pocket squares and maybe for the bridesmaids purple dresses with black accessories.    

Pink, cream, brown and purple
Certainly this time of year can be chilly, dark and dreary but that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be too! Purple is a lovely colour for any season but it’s particularly popular for autumn and so is the colour brown. They can be softened up by the addition of light pink and cream. Consider a chocolate brown table cloth with cream and purple centrepieces and pink place settings and seating cards.    

Orange, yellow and brown
  If you were considering more traditional autumnal hues you can’t go far wrong with orange and yellow. The best thing is that you can mix and match different shades of the two colours and it will look wonderful. The flowergirl would look amazing dressed in a mango coloured dress with a basket full of yellow flower petals. For the pageboy consider a dark brown suit with a dark yellow pocket square.

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