Adding that personal touch to your wedding day

Adding that personal touch to your wedding day

By Michaela Keating 

Every wedding is personal to the brides or grooms. There are plenty of personal touches that can help you make your wedding original so we’re here to give you a few ideas. Here's our favourites! 

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tied the knot in an intimate French ceremony in 2014, she wowed in a Versace wedding dress and a silk veil that was embroidered with drawings by her children and ever since, embroidery has become a major trend in bridal wear. The wedding date, meaningful images, favourite quotes and names of children have been lining the hem of wedding dresses and suit jackets in the past year.  This stunning detailing can allow you to cherish special moments on your garments when getting married.  Embroidered invitations are also huge for the autumn season.  These are especially suited to vintage or romantically themed weddings. The various styles of stitches and designs that are possible to achieve through embroidery will ensure that your invites are more like keepsakes for your guests. Get creative and work with your wedding invitation designer to select a design and look that they can work with. 

Personal stamp 
Create your own personal stamp when sending out your wedding invites. Include your initials or an image that you like at the top of your invite. Your invitation designer may be able to help you to create your very own Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs stamp!

Childhood pictures 
The best man or bridesmaids are sure to drag up embarrassing stories from your past so why not beat them to the punch! Add old photographs of you and your other half from childhood to adulthood down the aisle, leading to the day you met each other. Looking back at your dodgy bob haircut or your man’s super colourful tracksuit from your younger years will give your guests a giggle. 

 Personalised seating plan
 As it can be quite time consuming, personalising the seating plan with images of your guests may be more suited to smaller intimate weddings. Print off some of their most hilarious Facebook pictures or drag out the old debs album and guide your guests to their seat with a throwback picture of themselves. 

 Add the personal touch to the sole of your wedding shoes by adding the wedding date underneath, perfect if you’re not sure about embroidering the dress or your suit. This is not only a nice memento, but can also add to your wedding photos on the day. 

Table numbers 
Why not ditch the boring old one, two, three’s and use table numbers to add pieces to the puzzle of your relationship. If you’ve know each other ten years, have visited 26 states in America or have eaten 1,000 Chinese take-a way’s together put it on the table! The guests will learn something new about your relationship with these quirky facts and figures.  

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