We Wish to Invite You to A Wedding Invitation Etiquette Lesson

We Wish to Invite You to A Wedding Invitation Etiquette Lesson

By Michaela Keating


The best time to send out your wedding is six to eight weeks before your wedding day. This gives your guests time to make their own arrangements for the day such as booking time off work, organising childcare and getting an outfit. If youre having a destination wedding, the invites should be sent about three months beforehand. This will give your guests time to make travel arrangements and an opportunity to keep money aside for a few days abroad that they may not have been planning initially. RSVP One of the benefits of sending out your invitations is getting the exact number of guests that will be arriving on the day. Set the RSVP deadline date for two to three weeks before the wedding. This will give your guests enough time to get back to you and will give you plenty of time to give a specific number to your venue or caterer and will finalise your seating chart. If you havent received an RSVP by the deadline from someone you know will be coming. Don’t be afraid to give them a call to confirm.


If you are not having children at your wedding, its important to write the specific names of the adults that youre inviting on the invitation. This should send the message to your guests that its an adult only wedding. If they RSVP with their childrens names, politely give them a call and explain that its an adult only wedding and you hope they can still make it. If you are inviting children, it might be a nice touch to organise a babysitter or you can use the services of Last Minute Minders (www.lastminuteminders.com) at the hotel or venue for families who are bringing their children. Babysitting services are commonly available during weddings through the hotel to give your guests a relaxed night without worrying about the kids.

Your invites are the first thing your guests will see from your wedding so make sure their design ties in with the colour scheme and theme of your wedding day. A clean cut black and white invite sends out a formal vibe, while rustic or pastel shades will give the idea of a relaxed style. If you have a certain dress code its important to include that on the invite. THE WHO The age old question of giving a plus one to someone who is newly in a relationship or casually dating. Its not obligatory to give every single guest a plus one on their invite and its entirely up to you who you want to invite. Of course its great to see all your friends and family bringing a date but if youre having an intimate wedding and want to keep the numbers down, if a solo guest RSVPS with an extra guest in tow, give them a call and explain that it’s a small wedding party and you wont be able to accommodate their date. They will understand and accept that you didn’t give them a plus one in the first place for a reason.


Youd be surprised at the amount of wedding invitations that are sent out and are missing crucial details of the day. Ensure that your names (yes really), the date time, venue and dress code and any other important information such as dietary conditions are clearly set out in the invitation. This way you wont have people calling every minute asking where youre tying the knot!

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