Mother Dearest

Mother Dearest

By Michaela Keating

For many brides to be, the hen-do is a highly anticipated night or weekend away with the gal pals for a night of food, drinks and activities with a touch of adult gifts and a possible visit from a buff policeman. However as much as you love your mammy, you may not be comfortable with her presence as Mr. Goodbody gives you a lap dance with the girls instantly uploading video evidence to their Facebook pages. Its entirely up to you who is involved the wedding events and at Brides of Kerry we understand that mam plays an important role in the wedding day, but maybe not so much the hen party.
Weve come up with a few ways to make sure both you and your mam enjoy yourselves in the lead up to your big day.

Honesty is the best policy

After all your mam wants whats best for you, so she will most likely be very understanding. If what you have planned for the hen-do is something she genuinely wouldnt enjoy doing such as clubbing or zip lining let her know that you dont think she will enjoy herself. This way you will have been honest with her and dont have to come up with an excuse as to why you wont be bringing her along. She may breathe a sigh of relief that shes off the hook for paragliding too! 

Plan a separate mini hen with all the ladies in your family

Everyone loves a party so why not have a two-part hen? Have your night out with the girls but dont neglect your beloved aunts, cousins and of course your mam. Plan an afternoon tea, a cocktail making session or a spa weekend away with the family and enjoy the best of both worlds with the people you love most.

A trip for two
If you would rather some special mother-daughter time, why not plan a citybreak or a hotel stay for just you and your mother. This way you will get to spend some quality time together in the lead up to the big day and have a nice girly catch up with just the two of you. Your mother will appreciate you putting time aside to be with her and share your pre-wedding excitement. Theres no one like our mammy, so treating her is the least we can do for our main woman.

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