Making Shapes! How to choose the right dress for your bridesmaids

Making Shapes! How to choose the right dress for your bridesmaids

By Michaela Keating 

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses can be just as exciting as choosing your bridesmaids. As all women come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making sure your gal pals are comfortable on your wedding day is a must. We have put together some guidelines based on dressing for all different body shapes to help you choose wisely for your bridal party.

1. Apple
Apple shaped ladies carry their weight above the hips and broaden around the shoulders. Choosing dresses with an empire waistline will be super flattering for apple shapes and will give the illusion of a smaller waist. Choosing good support in the bust area is essential for comfort too. Make like Drew Barrymore or Jessica Simpson and elongate the torso with V necklines and or dare to show a bit more skin with a slit up the leg. 

2. Hourglass
Always the desired shape, the lucky hourglass ladies have the curves for fitted dresses and belts to accentuate that small waist. Good support in the bust area is necessary and try to avoid anything floaty or baggy as it will give the illusion of weight that is not there. Make use of those curves tastefully like Beyonce by wearing a figure hugging dress without going over board.

3. Pear
Pear shapes have hips wider than their shoulders with a small waist and a well rounded bum. Creating an illusion of balance in the body and owning your curves is essential for the pears by wearing strapless dresses to show off the arms and even out proportions. Go for pointed toe shoes to elongate the leg like the queen of the booty, J Lo!

4. Rectangle
This shape is typically athletic with the shoulders, waist and hips being the same width. Your best assets are your arms and legs so make the most of them with strapless dresses or short dresses to show off those amazing pins. Avoid overwhelming styles that will suffocate your shape and make use of waist enhancing styles to accentuate the slender figure like the fabulous Natalie Portman. 

Whether you are having a large bridal party or one main lady by your side on your big day, sit down with them beforehand and get an idea of what they like and what they are aware will or will not suit their body shape. Many bridal party suppliers provide bridesmaid dresses in one colour in different shapes or styles, which will make matching the dress to the body shape that little bit easier. It is your big day, so what more could you ask for than being comfortable and looking fabulous with your besties? (Aside from that new hubby of course!)

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