Ten minutes with Ciara O'Donnell Photography

Ten minutes with Ciara O'Donnell Photography

When a couple choose Ciara O Donnell Photography for their wedding what can they expect?
Ciara O Donnell Photography provides a very personal service, bringing something unique to each and every wedding. I meet plan, shoot, edit, design, produce all my own work. Not many photographers do that any more. I have a way with people and bring a relaxed and professional air to every wedding I photograph. I work hard to prepare and plan each wedding in advance with the couple, to make the day run smoothly and the photographs happen naturally. Not much posing is required as I prefer to move and blend into the day as it happens, bar the few family photos which I orchestrate with great ease.   

What is the normal procedure? 
Ciara O Donnell Photography typically includes photography of the preparation before the ceremony until the dinner at the venue, however I increasingly including the first dance in my service as demand increases. Both the bride and groom are photographed before the ceremony, the ceremony and family photos afterwards and a shoot with the bridal party and couple is always included even if weather does not permit. Locations are researched and a standby is always on the ready if the weather decides not to play ball! Party and friends shot before the dinner bell and all your guests seated at dinner before you are introduced to your wedding party are all images that tell the story of your day best.  Evening cover can typically include after dinner speeches and dancing including the couples first dance.

What has proved the most challenging and fun in recent times?  
Many people ask me what I can do to combat the use of phones and ipads, not to mention large cameras their guests might use during their wedding day. It certainly is a challenge these days to make sure you have a clear view of the couple, as so many people grapple for their own shot. I use different lenses at different times during the day, as well as my charm and wit to ask people politely to move out of my eyeline. It has only happened once that a guest got very angry that she did not get her shot, but the couple were on my side and backed me up.   

How would you describe your presentation? 
Natural, quality, relaxed.. I am relaxed and efficient, planning the day to a T so I can get on with the creative end of things easily on the day. Natural expressions and reactions with a few posed images. I present my work in a modern fresh way, no traditional 5 inch think albums here! I use high end photo albums in leather binding, lab quality prints and framing, high quality cloud & storage products.  Digital is the way forward, so I offer a few digital options.    

How important is it to build up a positive relationship with the couple? 
It is vital. The best outcome on any wedding day is if I have forged a good relationship with the couple from the start and on our meetings beforehand, as it shows in their demeanor on the day. The couple are relaxed and have trust in me, we all have more fun and the photos look fantastic as a result.  A wedding is the beginning for many couples and as their lives continue I aim to be a part of their story as their lives unfold. That means a lot to me.   

Ciara O Donnell Photography 
Contact: 087 2264626 
Email: ciaradesignpod@gmail.com 

Facebook: Ciara O Donnell Photography 
Instagram: ciaraodonnell    

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