A Wedding Thought Box to Help With Your Planning

A Wedding Thought Box to Help With Your Planning

By Michaela Keating

Planning a wedding can be stressful and exhausting, especially when trying to ensure that every detail is perfect. From the moment you got engaged (and maybe years in advance) brides start thinking about the finer details of their big day. However, life gets in the way and it's east to forget the photographer you liked or a cake maker you found out about from a friend.

A 'Wedding Thought' box can help you in your wedding planning especially for couples who have a long engagement and find it hard to remember certain vendors that they had previously heard of.

Things to put into the wedding box

Business Cards
Whether you're getting married in the coming months or not for a couple of years, business cards, and contact information belonging to vendors of interest are vital. Gathering up a few names of florists, make up artists, beauty salons, photographers, cake providers etc. can save you a lot of time when you sit down to decide on what vendors you are going with.

Magazine Clippings
Every bride to be finds inspiration from different places but magazines can be very helpful in allowing you to pinpoint a theme or colour scheme. 

Each season brings with it a new wave of wedding invites through the letterbox. Some may tickle your fancy, so hold on to them and look into using the invite designers you liked when the time comes to organising your own big day.

Fabric Samples
For the bride who wants a custom made wedding dress fabrics and patterns are very important. After popping in to your local fabric store, hold on to samples to help you decide what fabrics you will be using when the time comes to put together the ever so important wedding dress. 

Wedding Favour Ideas 
Many couples like to push the boat out with personalised or quirky wedding favours for their guests. Keep photos, samples or write down favours to your liking so that you don't forget the quirky bits.

Song Names
For many couples, choosing the first dance song can be difficult to decide on. If you're having a long engagement, take down the names of songs you both enjoy now, so that when it comes to choosing you can add last year's ballad to your list of possibilities. 

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