4 Wedding Traditions That Will Never Die and Why

4 Wedding Traditions That Will Never Die and Why

1. The Cake 

No matter what kind of wedding you're having, if it's traditional or not, the wedding cake is always going to be a focal point of the big day. The expense of the ceremony can never change the fact that at the end of the day one of people's favourite parts of a wedding day is the wedding cake. While the look of the cake my change with the times, a traditional round three-tier is rare thee days and is being replaced with more edgy and modern ideas, such as a pyramid of cupcakes. The fact that a cake of some sorts will always be there remains a steadfast tradition. 

2. Ring 
The exchanging of wedding rings is a tradition that's definitely not going to die out any time soon. For centuries people have been exchanging wedding rings because the circle is an ancient symbol of eternal love. In roman times it was not necessarily a ring that was given, but any piece of jewellery to show commitment to the other person and how proud you were to call them your own. While this tradition is as strong as ever, it has changed with the times and nowadays some people are opting to get tattoos of rings on their finger instead.

3. Not Seeing Your Partner Before 
One of the most exciting parts of your wedding day is waiting to see your partner for the first time in their dress or suit. No matter what attire the outfit is, to you and your partner, the other is going to look like the most beautiful person in the world. The tradition of not seeing your other half before the wedding is certainly one that is not going to die out as it brings so much joy and happiness to both partners. Although some people are opting to meet back to back (not to actually see each other) to get a picture taken before they enter the ceremony. It's tricky though-you don't want to even catch a glance!

4. The Bouquet
Flowers have been a part of weddings all throughout history. Whether it's the bride actually carrying them or having them attached to her clothes in some way, flowers have always been there. Throughout history the symbolism of the flowers has changed but even if you're not interested in the meaning behind them, they still add a splash of colour to the wedding and can be arranged to suit any theme. 

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